News / 30 June 2004

28-29 June: third stage of jeep trial tournament organized on temporary racing track Swedish Mountain(Lubenski micro-district) in Gomel

19 crews lined up to start off on the track organized in the forested area. As always, the first tournament day was dedicated to classical trials. The 9 track sections proved to be a real ordeal not only for the vehicles, but for the crews as well. The pilots and navigators had to run risks and try to find a happy balance between performances of their jeeps and penalties. That is why it was not only the heat of the merciless sun, but also the heat of the tense trial, the winners of which came to be Andrei Birukov / Dmitri Kniga in B1 Category, Vyacheslav Shilenkov / Serguei Gorely in B2 Category.

The carrousel race which has already become the steady hit of the season, as usual took place on Sunday. The third carrousel race in a row was one by the crew of Andrei Birukov and Dmitri Kniga, with a tangible headway from the other competitors. It should be noted that Andreis and Dmitris chief rivals in B1 Category, Fried Kuchenmeister and Grigori Komenyuk omitted the third stage. The guys took a short time-out and are confident that they have not lost their chance in the overall scoring. There are two more stages ahead, which means, the struggle continues.

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