News / 13 April 2011

YAROVIT MOTORS and YO-AUTO Signed an Agreement with the Government of St. Petersburg
April 13, Smolny - today Mikhail Oseevskiy, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg - Head of Governors Administration of St. Petersburg, on behalf of the City Government signed a document, aimed at further development of the automotive cluster in St. Petersburg. As a result of implementation of this agreement three new enterprises will emerge in Maryino Industrial Park, the district of Petrodvorets: ë[pronounced as yo]-AUTO plant (assembling), YAROVIT MOTORS plant (production of trucks) and TEKHNOEXIM plant (production of new systems, units and components for automobiles).
The framework "Agreement on Investments, Aimed at Implementation of Investment Projects in St. Petersburg on Production of New Systems, Units and Components for Automobiles, Arrangement of Automobile Assembling and Production of Trucks" was also signed by:
- Vladimir Zhardetskiy, CEO of TEKHNOEXIM LLC,
- Andrey Biryukov, CEO of ë-AUTO LLC,
- Artem Drozdov, CEO of YAROVIT MOTORS Automobile Plant CJSC,
- Denis Bortnikov, Head of the Northwestern Regional Center - Senior Vice-President of VTB Bank OJSC.
The investors are jointly planning to invest minimum RUB 2.5 billion in the construction. As a result, the city will have about 1,000 new workplaces.
ë-AUTO plant is planned to be constructed in two stages. The launch of the first production stage is scheduled on September 1, 2012 at the latest. The planned volume of production will amount to 45,000 ë-mobiles per year. Following the launch of the second stage the volume of production will be doubled.
YAROVIT MOTORS plant will be constructed in two stages as well, the first stage being launched on October 1, 2012. The planned volume of production will amount to 6,000 trucks per year.
TEKHNOEXIM component-manufacturing plant will be constructed in three stages, with the first production start-up being on September 1, 2012 at the latest. The planned volume of production following the launch of the first stage will amount to 50,000 sets per year.
VTB Bank finances the project of Maryino Industrial Park, which includes engineering preparation of the territory, aimed at deployment of new manufacturing enterprises. The total area of the industrial park is 130 ha.
In its turn, the Government of St. Petersburg will take all necessary measures to build facilities of engineering and transport infrastructure, ensuring the launch of productions.
"This project is unusual and very innovative. And the scheme of the parties' cooperation at its implementation is hyper-new and hyper-unusual for the city. And today I'm very pleased to sign this document", - noted Mikhail Oseevskiy, when signing the Agreement.

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