News / 10 November 2010

YO - a New Russian Car Brand
The company's representatives reported at the presentation on November 9 that new Russian cars - a joint project of YAROVIT Holding and ONEXIM Group - will be produced under the ë [pronounced as yo] brand.
All over the world and in Russia as well people's subconsciousness is captured by English multibrands:
iPod - i-Media,
We need a new philosophy in forming the attitude to Russian-language brands. We need a bold and innovative brand that will dictate Russian culture and traditions to the whole world. We need a name for the new class.
And the solution for this task is ë, confirmed by the fundamental ideological and semantic meaning.
ë is a graphic symbol of the Russian alphabet. It clearly indicates the home country - Russia;
ë is always stressed. It plays an exceptional role in emotional-and-semantic expressions;
ë is consonant with your;
ë is the seventh letter of the Russian alphabet;
ë plays a huge role in written and printed texts of high socio-cultural importance;
ë is the only letter of the Russian language, which is separated in a special dictionary and monumentalized.
New ë-philosophy.
New ë-brand.
New ë-class.

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