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In 1996 the YAROVIT made its first steps in the world of motor sports. True professionals were teamed up for YAROVIT. As the result, YAROVIT racing team repeatedly achieved high results at prestigious local and international motor sport events. In 2000 and 2001 the team MAZ-YAROVIT became the European Truck-Trial Champion (See Photo Archive). The official web-site or European truck-trial championships is http://www.europatrucktrial.org/

Sporting events gether enormous spectator auditoriums, attracting close attention of the mass media and are of great interest both for motor sports amateurs and business. Truck trial tournaments have boosted Yarovits image and serve as unique possibilities for testing innovative vehicle units and aggregates under extreme  conditions.

Our history in sports started in 1996 when two crews drove MAZ-6317 trucks for the first time in in the national championship and Cup.

The cooperation between YAROVIT and the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) made both to insiders of sporting events and was a major support for Yarovits development in this direction. Such perseverance was first rewarded by participation in the Master Rally World Cup 97 as the organizers technical partner, later on the  participation in the rally Krasnoyarsk Wilderness 98 and, finally, the double victory in the 1999 Russia Truck Trials Cup and the team debut in the 1999 European Truck Trials Championship.

The results manifested that, on the one hand, it was direly necessary to introduce quality changes in the teamwork organization and, on the other hand, that the existent all-wheel-drive MAZ truck needed to be generally upgraded. The changes that followed resulted in considerably shorter time spent for design work, tests and the desired objectives achieved.
In 1999 Yarovit and Minsk Automobile Plant founded the Belarusian sports club MAZ-YAROVIT, whose main objectives were:
  • Designing, manufacturing and accelerated tests of new models of all-wheel-drive trucks under tournament conditions;
  • Preparation of mass production of the new vehicles and creating special-purpose trucks on their basis;
  • Popularizing all-wheel-drive truck tournaments, organizing truck trial contests on the territory of Russia and Belarus.
The sports club MAZ-YAROVIT immediately get down to exerci declared objectives: in October 1999 the 1st Open Truck Trials Cup of Belarus was held near Minsk, which became a momentous event in the history of the national motor sports and established a qualitatively new level of such tournaments in the CIS.
The season of 2000 brought remarkable results to MAZ-YAROVIT team:
  • Hosting the event as General Organizer, the team ran the 4-stage Championship of the CIS YAROVIT Truck Trial which received a wide coverage by the national and foreign mass media;
  • Piotr Orsik and Dmitri Kniga became Champions of Europe;
  • Victor Moskovskikh and Andrei Rudnitski won the Community (CIS) Championship;
  • The team MAZ-YAROVIT became Champion of the Community (overall).
During 2001 YAROVIT acted as General Organizer of the CIS Championship. This was when the decision to modify the tournament Rules and Regulations was taken. Whereas one day, Saturday, was left for the classical trial, the new speed discipline was introduced on Sunday, the carrousel race. The results of the season showed that the decision was a justified one. Firstly, the event became even more spectacular and dynamic, something that the classical trial lacked. This attracted additional attention of the spectators and media.
Secondly, the events became a genuine testing ground and enabled the participants to show to the potential consumer their vehicles under different conditions and accumulate abundant information required for their debugging and perfection.
The same year, our sports team took part in the European Truck Trial Championship. Throughout the seven stages during three summer months, crews of the team MAZ-YAROVIT stubbornly competed against Europes top trial aces. The results exceeded all expectations: Piotr Orsik and Dmitri Kniga won the 2000 European Champion titles and for the second year running mounted the top step of the podium in the C4 category.
Sergei Kruk and Dmitri Zaporoshchenko left no chances to other competitors. While being second with dignity to their team-mates in the second section of the last Championship, they became Vice-Champions of Europe in the C4 category.
In the gruelling competition against Europes many-times champions, Victor Moskovskikh and Andrei Rudnitski won silver in the C3 category.

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