YAROVIT Trucks Production

The production facility of the ‘YAROVIT Motors” in Saint Petersburg was set up in mid-2003 when a production shop building was purchased from “Leningradski Metallicheski Zavod” (Leningrad Metal Works). A lot of funds and time had to be put into creating a multi-functional production platform of the future enterprise. The company carried out large-scale construction and finishing work to completely rebuild the edifice, finish it, install and assemble the production process equipment.
YAROVIT Motors Production Building
CJSC “YAROVIT Motors” Production Building
To date, the following sections make up the production facility: the machining process, frame assembling, cab assembling, painting preparation section, engine and axle sub-assembling section, ready truck check-up and debugging section, painting and drying chamber. A modern storage complex with shelves is available. All the sections are equipped with state-of-the-art process equipment.
Frame assembling section Cab frame welding

Frame assembling section

Cab frame welding

Cab panels gluing-over Painting and drying section

Cab panels gluing-over

Painting and drying section

Engine sub-assembling section Cab assembling section

Engine sub-assembling section

Cab assembling section


The concept of the truck production is based on the principle of two-level cooperation with other producers: cooperation at the level of aggregates and assemblies, and cooperation at the level of parts for aggregates and assemblies of the company’s own design. Therefore, a truck assembly shop and a machine shop for mechanical processing of parts of the frame, suspension and cab skeleton make the key components of the main production facility. In this connection, the production facility is limited to a few operations and stations:

      • Manufacturing the frame complete with all the location parts and structural elements;
      • Manufacturing the cab (of the company’s own design ), organized in Belarus and Russia;
      • The painting facility;
      • Sub-assembling the units and systems prior to mounting them on the truck chassis;
      • Assembling and acceptance test of the vehicle.
Aggregates and units of the company’s own design include: cab, frame, suspension, driving axles, transfer case, centralized tire inflation system. As opted for by the client, the truck can be built with units and assemblies of either Western manufacture, or those produced by YAROVIT.
The truck assembling technology is organized on the freely moving conveyor principle, which essentially means that assembled parts move freely between assemblage workstations on bogies. The assembling sequence and pattern ensures asynchronous operations at workstations, thus enabling overlapping of two or more operations at the same workstation. The stationary (building berth) assembly principle is also viable for small production volumes of up to 500 trucks annually (the method is used currently), providing that production sections are organized for subassembly of the main aggregates and units (engine, cab, electric cable looms, piping).
Building-berth truck assembling
 Building-berth truck assembling
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