YAROVIT Truck History

The history of YAROVIT trucks started with motor sports, to be more accurate, with our failure in the 1996 All-Russian Truck Trial Cup. The attempts to upgrade a production truck for competitions led to nowhere. We came to the conclusion that aspiring to succeed at international motoring competitions would be impossible without creating a new racing vehicle. As a result, YAROVIT truck emerged. 
YAROVIT truck at year 2001 CIS Championship YAROVIT truck at year 2001 CIS Truck Trials Championship
YAROVIT truck project started in the year 1999, when a group of designers was organized to develop a sporting truck and prepare it for competitions.
Hard and dedicated efforts of the designers to create new units and assemblies of an all-wheel-drive truck have brought rewarding results. The vehicle created won truck-trial champion titles in Russia, the CIS, and twice in European championships. This was practically a totally new vehicle, which inherited only the cab from its prototype.
V. Moskovskikh/A.Rudnitski
Our achievements at motor sports, the original technical solutions (the transfer case, the steerable driving axle, the centralized tires inflation system, etc.) were noticed by foreign investors. Year 2000 saw the starting of talks on our participation in developing a concept and implementing the project of creating a new all-wheel-drive truck slated to fill a vacant niche in Russias market.
An important role was attributed to marketing research. The company specialists carried out a study of the current Russian market, of the competitors, estimated the need of the market in heavy-duty trucks, developed a corporate strategy and defined requirements to new trucks. As a result of this work, a business plan was finalized, which represents a comprehensive feasibility study dealing with the possibility and necessity of setting up a plant manufacturing heavy-duty trucks, and determines the project implementation stages and principal tasks to be resolved.

In 2000 the racing team designers group was reorganized into an Engineering Technical Center (ETC). The ETC staff enrolled, on a permanent basis, a number of highly qualified engineers from leading motor works of Belarus and Russia, owing to which the spectrum of engineering tasks resolved was considerably broadened and intensive work began to create a new truck in cooperation. YAROVIT Company specialists participated in developing the general concept of the vehicle, as well as the designer and process technology documentation for manufacturing key units and aggregates, and in building a prototype.

In 2003, with the aim of implementing the project in Russia, the Closed Joint Stock Company, Investment Company YAROVIT Motors (Moscow), was formed. In the same year 2003, IC YAROVIT Motors set up the production facility in Saint Petersburg designed to turn out trucks: the Closed Joint Stock Company YAROVIT Motors.

In 2004 five prototype vehicles of various designation were produced, that successfully passed field tests and certification. Thus, GLOROS trucks were put through actual operation trials with the Russian mining companies Norilsk Nickel (Norilsk) and Phosphorite (Kingisepp) where they proved their high service properties.
In 2004 the company took part in the biggest motor shows of Russia and Turkmenistan. The vehicles exhibited at the shows received very positive estimations of the specialists.
MIMS-2004 Exhibition   Exhibition in Turkmenistan
The official inauguration of the YAROVIT Motors truck plant took place in Saint Petersburg on February 17-18. The production facility presentation was attended by the Governor of Saint Petersburg Mrs. Valentina Matvienko, members of the City Administration and numerous guests representing the biggest companies from Russia and abroad, as well the mass media.
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