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Designers at work. Birth of a new YAROVIT truck GLOROS A3501D (8x8) dump truck in Norilsk
The CJSC YAROVIT MOTORS Automobile Plant is Russias producer of YAROVIT trucks. The truck production embracing such vehicle models as cargo trucks, dump trucks, bolster trucks, concrete mixers, etc. has been deployed in Saint Petersburg.
YAROVIT trucks are multi-axle cargo vehicles designed to haul cargoes in complicated road and weather conditions. The vehicles feature high traction and speed performances and can be operated on quarry roads or even off-the-road. The trucks dimensions and environmental protection parameters meet the requirements for operation on public roads.

YAROVIT trucks are built with high quality foreign- or domestically manufactured aggregates and units which provide for the vehicles high technological level and place them in the same rank with the best European cargo transporter makes.

The concept of production of the trucks is based on the principle of two-level cooperation with other producers: cooperation at the level of aggregates and assemblies, and cooperation at the level of parts for aggregates and assemblies of the companys own design. Therefore, a truck assembly shop and a machine shop for mechanical processing of parts of the frame, suspension and cab skeleton make the key components of the main production facility.

Aggregates and units of the companys own design include: the cab, the frame, the suspension, the driving axles, the transfer case. As opted for by the client, the truck can be built with units and assemblies of either Western manufacture, or those produced by YAROVIT Group of Companies.

The truck assembling technology is organized based on the freely moving conveyor principle, which essentially means that assembled parts move freely between assemblage workstations on bogies. The assembling sequence and pattern ensures asynchronous operations at workstations, thus enabling overlapping of two or more operations at the same workstation. The stationary (building berth) assembly principle is also viable for small production volumes of up to 500 trucks annually (the method is used currently), providing that production sections are organized for subassembly of the main aggregates and units (the engine, the cab, electric cable looms, piping).

The production organization envisages using the assemblies and aggregates corresponding to the world level, of domestic design and production as well as those made by the leading CIS and foreign producers. The optimal variants of the aggregates setup, the clever harmonization of their performance characteristics, the wise compromise between the vehicle quality and its consumer value, have imparted YAROVIT trucks with a number of competitive advantages: high effectiveness; quality and reliability, rational prices that are lower than those of foreign-made vehicles in the same class.

The further development of the project lies in setting up, on the territory of Russia, of aggregate assembly facilities (assembling axles, transmission parts, superstructures, etc.) in cooperation with such leaders of the world motor-car construction as SISU Axles, Axletech, HYVA, with the purpose of minimizing the vehicle production costs and saturating the CIS market with high quality aggregates and parts.
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