ZF Friedrichshafen gearboxes

The mechanical 16-step ZF Friedrichshafen gearboxes have been proven by time and display remarkable reliability. These gearboxes provide superior performance in onerous conditions of low speeds, where accuracy of control is especially important. Moreover, the European standard of ZF Friedrichshafen gearboxes ensures ideal synchronization with engines of both European and North American makers.

Gloros gearboxes

Mechanical gearbox 16S2520TO
Gearboxes with a built-in hydraulic intarder brake provide relief and thus a longer service life to the truck brake system, which is very important for trucks and truck-trains of large gross weight, especially those operated in mountainous areas.

Gloros gearboxes

Mechanical gearbox 16S2520TO with intarder
Gearboxes equipped with hydraulic clutches (WSK) provide a combination of flexibility of a hydromechanical transmission with a high efficiency characteristic of mechanical gearboxes.

Gloros gearboxes

gearbox equipped with hydraulic clutch 16S2720TO+WSK440
Characteristics of ZF Friedrichshafen gearboxes
Type Number of gears Maximum torque, Nm Gear ratios Length, mm Weight, kg
16 S 2220 TO* Mechanical 16 2200 13.80  0.84/R12.92 1015 315
16 S 2220 TD* 2200 16.41  1.00/R15.36 1015 319
16 S 2320 TD* 2350 16.41  1.00/R15.36 1015 319
16 S 2520 TO* 2500 13.80  0.84/R12.92 1015 319
16 S 2720 TO* 2700 13.80  0.84/R12.92 1031 334
16 S 2720 TO
+ WSK 440
2700 13.80  0.84/R12.92 1354 595
*  intarder installation optional

Allison gearboxes

Allison gearboxes are installed whenever operating conditions call for frequent shifting of gears and a high torque is required for getaway. The smooth shifting from gear to gear with minimal power-flow loss time ensures a high cross-country capacity of the truck.

Gloros gearboxes
Gearbox HD4560
Characteristics of Allison gearboxes
Type Number of gears Maximum torque, Nm Gear ratios Length, mm Weight, kg Remarks
HD 4560 Automatic 6 2100 4.70  0.67/R5.55 794 378
Without power take-off box (PTOB) and intarder
867 406 With PTOB but without intarder 
794 412 Without PTOB but with intarder
867 440 PTOB and intarder

The gearboxes are remote-controlled by a pneumatic Servoshift. The telescopic gear shift drive is released hydraulically when the cab is lifted. As an additional option, gearboxes can be equipped with a built-in retarder and various power take-off boxes.
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