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Holding structure
The YAROVIT Group of Companies had a complicated multi-directional structure. In October 2005 the Group was restructured into the Yarovit Production and Investment Holding n.v. with a registered address in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. One of the reasons was that the partly obsolete organizational structure of the Group impeded the development of integrated entities.. Among strategic goals, the holding company aspires to enter international public and financial markets as well as installing tight relations to private investment funds and strategic (financial) partners.

With the purpose of creating most favourable framework conditions for successful activities of the holding, a 1977 Dutch joint-stock company was acquired. One of the leading European management companies, Intertrust (Netherlands) B.V. was nominated as corporate director of the Yarovit Production and Investment Holding n.v. Auditing is entrusted to KPMG Meijburg & Co (the Netherlands). Banking services are provided by one of the largest European financial institutions the ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

The Holding structure is divided into operating and supporting divisions:

Operating Companies:

Yarovit Motors b.v. exercising control and management of the automotive division of the holding. The is major shareholder of the truck assembling facility in Saint Petersburg, the joint stock company YAROVIT Motors. The project is based on own engineering and design developments. For a number of years, its specialists have been working on the concept of a special-purpose transport vehicle usable under most variable conditions, from extreme frosts of the north till desert heat. Yarovit Motors b.v. owns said intellectual property, intends to initiate similar assembling facilities in countries of the Near and the Middle East, organize, along with direct sales, the process of providing trucking and forwarding services, using the fleet of own trucks. Similar importance is granted to reaching agreements with leading western producers of automotive parts and components on moving part of their production processes to Russia, which will have a positive impact not only on pricing, but also contribute in a wider geography of sales.

You can find more detailed information on the truck manufacturing division in the section "Production of YAROVIT trucks . If you fail to find answers to your questions, you can contact us at: info@ymspb.ru, or phone +7 (812) 3804444, fax +7 (812) 6402579

Yarovit Development b.v. (Amsterdam) exercising control and management of the construction and development division. Development and the associated construction business, constitute one of the Holdings most promising business directions, taking into account the dynamics and prospects of commercial and residential real estate markets development in biggest cities of Russia, especially in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. This is exactly why the specific company was created and registered in the Netherlands. In the section Construction and development you can familiarize yourselves with the projects in different stages of development. Most ambitious projects, those of development and construction of trading and office centres in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk are in the process of preparation. Interested companies, developers and investors can contact for more detailed information by e-mail development@yarovit.com.

Supporting Companies:

Yarovit GmbH (Zug, Switzerland) is a trading and commercial platform of Yarovit holding. Certain directions of the holdings activities are directly connected with numerous trading, commercial and export-import operations. Yarovit GmbH represents an all-in-one trading tool..

Yarovit Finance b.v. (Amsterdam) provides for the financial needs of the Holding and its integrated companies, attracting and distributing required financial resources. Some of the projects undertaken by the Holding, as well as the directions of business, call for sizable investments. Concentrating the financial flows, providing centralized management of own and borrowed financial means, communicating with Russian and foreign investment funds, banks, insurance companies, those and many other services are provided by Yarovit Finance b.v.

Heavy Trucks Asia Limited (Hong Kong) represents a dual-purpose auxiliary company whose functions are: managing the Holding assets and controlling trading and commercial operations in the regions of South East Asia and the Far East. The rapidly growing regions of South East Asia and the Far East, China first and foremost, are viewed as strategic objectives for the power-generating and automotive divisions of Yarovit holding. The regional demand for special-purpose high-productivity equipment and energy resources will grow fast in the forthcoming years. Availability of an affiliated structure in this region will enable the Holding to respond flexibly and in a timely manner to the needs of the market.

For questions, address: info@ymspb.ru



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