Quality system

The high quality of energy-generating equipment of all the enterprises making up the company OJSC Silovye Machiny (Power Machines) is confirmed by the quality-control system meeting the ISO 9001 international standard.
Quality Manual

The enterprises joined in the Holdings continuously perfect their system of quality and strive to minimize all the costs of turning out products and providing services, step up the sales volumes, increase labor productivity, shorten the time spent for design, preparation of production, manufacture and shipment of wares.

In 1995, OJSC Leningrad Metal Works (LMZ) received and in 1999 confirmed its TUV NORD Society Certificate No 07 100 274 which certified conformance of the factory to EN ISO 9001: 1994 requirements, as well as the licenses issued by GosAtomNadzor (State Nuclear Power Inspectorate) of the Russian Federation authorizing it to design and manufacture equipment for nuclear power stations.

The high quality of products turned out by OJSC Electrosila is ensured by the quality system developed and introduced by the factory, meeting the international ISO 9001 standard concepts. Conformity of the quality control system to ISO 9001 was on many occasions confirmed by foreign clients, resultant from inspections preceding potential contracts.

Being aware that reliability and efficient operation of equipment depend directly on its quality, specialists of the OJSC Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ) have developed and introduced a system of quality control meeting the ISO 9000 international standard requirements. Resultant from the inspection carried out in 1995, the works was awarded a Certificate of Conformity by the firm TUV-CERT (Germany), registration No 041005007. In 1998 KTZ confirmed conformity of its products to international standards.

The system of quality control of the OJSC Turbine Blades Works was certified by the TUV CERT Presidium, submitted for certification by TUV NORD subject to EN ISO 9002-94 standard. Certification embraces such products as billets for and ready molded or stamped blades for steam and gas turbines and compressors, structural stock, various general machine parts. The company products are also certified by the SovAsK certification system Committee.

The OJSC ZiO-Podolsk Machine-Building Plant has all the required licenses and authorizations to design and manufacture equipment and piping for nuclear and thermal energy facilities, gas and oil industries.

The enterprise runs a quality control system meeting the international ISO-9001 standards, which was first confirmed by Lloyds Register (Great Britain) in 1997. In 2003 the Certificate was re-confirmed.

Documents covering the quality control system:

  • Quality Manual.
  • Programs of product quality monitoring at all stages of the production.
  • Company standards.
  • Norms enacted by GosStandart (State Standards Authority) and relevant inspectorate bodies of Russia.
  • International standard requirements such as ISO 9000, ASME, DIN, EN and others.

In1996 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified ZiOs production of power-generating boilers for conformity to Section 1 of ASME Standards Code and the right to mark those products with an S. In 2002 ASME re-confirmed validity of the standard until November 2005.

In1996 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified ZiOs production of pressure vessels for conformity to Section 1 Chapter VIII of ASME Standards Code and the right to mark those products with an U. In 2002 ASME re-confirmed validity of the standard until November 2005.

In1995 TUV (Germany) certified ZiOs production of boilers and pressure vessels for conformity to AD-Merkblatt-HP O/TRD 201 standards. In 2001 validity of this certificate was extended until 2004.

In 1994 SLV (Germany) certified ZiO to manufacture fabricated metals conforming to DIN 18800, DIN 4132, DIN 4133 norms. The Certificate was re-confirmed in 1995 and 1997.

In order to ensure high performance characteristics and safety of its equipment, meet the environmental protection requirements, make the products generally reliable and user-friendly, the OJSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik continuously works and strives for superior quality. The quality policy aimed at perfection is enforced through the quality control system introduced, confirmed by the certificates:

  • International ISO-9001 standard (version 2000);
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), authorizing the factory to manufacture and brand its products with "S", "U", "U2";
  • European PED 97/23 CE Directive issued in 2003by Bureau Veritas S.A., authorizing the factory to manufacture pressure equipment.

In 1991 the works was certified by TUV of Germany to manufacture products slated for exports to European countries in accordance with the German TRD 201 andAD-HP 2/1 standards. In 1997 the German Society SLV conferred on the factory the Big Welding Certificate licensing it to turn out welded metal structures, the Certificate subject to confirmation every three years. OJSC TKZ is also certified by GosStandart of Russia for nondestructive check methods, and licensed for quality control by Russias Shipping Register.

In2003 the works received a license authorizing it to manufacture equipment for the nuclear power industry.

The equipment manufactured by OJSC Biysk Boiler Plant is characterized by high reliability, long years of trouble-free operation of the steam generators, and excellent maintainability. Certain industrial enterprises in Russia still use, without failure, boilers made by Biysk Boiler Works in the 50s or 60s, i.e. who have run more than twice their normal service lives.
The factory continuously perfects the production process and closely monitors conformity of the equipment produced to the characteristics declared such as output, pressure, efficiency, fuel consumption, etc.

Pertinent certificate and licenses cover all the products and services of OJSC Biysk Boiler Works.

Quality control of the piping parts manufactured by CJSC AtomTruboprovodMontazh is exercised throughout all stages of the production cycle, starting from offers and orders, and all through review of contracts, design, preparation of drawing and process documentation, purchases of materials and components, manufacturing processes, tests, storage, shipping, sales and after-sale services. The key document governing all those requirements is the company Quality Manual conforming to GOST ISO 9002-96 and GOST RV 15.002-2000.1 standards. There are 79 standards (STP) of the overall quality control system observed at the factory.

The company OJSC BelEnergoStroy has been certified to European EN 287, EN 719, EN 743 standards.

The system of quality management of OJSC CentreEnergoMontazh was certified in 1999 by TUF-CERT (Germany) for conformity to ISO 9000 requirements, and in February 2003 conformity to ISO 9001:2000 international standard was confirmed.

The welding production of OJSC CentreEnergoMontazh was certified by the relevant supervisory board of TUF Turingen to do welding conforming to DIN EN 729-2, AD HP 0 andTRD 201 process requirements.

Specialists of the company OJSC BelEnergoRemNaladka possess experience and expertise of working at power-generating facilities of the Republic of Belarus, as well as in over 20 foreign countries. The specialists qualification was highly appreciated by the Iranian energy company Tavanir, the NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) of India, the ASCL (Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited) of Nigeria and other foreign clients.

OJSC BelEnergoRemNaladka has introduced and certified for conformity to the international ISO 9001-2000 standard its quality management system, for maintenance, repairs and/or engineering setup of power-generating equipment, the Certificate conferred by BVQI (England) and accredited by (Germany) andUKOS (England).

The company National Unitary Enterprise BELNIPIENERGOPROEKT possesses experience of designing facilities constructed in such countries as Russia, Yugoslavia, Nigeria, Iran, China, and co-operates on projects with such foreign firms as ABB, SIEMENS, GECALSTHOM, DRAUCON-SALTING, INTERCHEMENERGY INC., OJSC Silovye Machiny, TKZ, BKZ, UTMZ and others. 

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