Energy is one of the strategically important long-term directions in the business portfolio of YAROVIT Holding. The Closed Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) YAROVIT Energo is part of the holding conglomerate and is engaged in developing its business in the domain of power engineering and promoting the products of the leading Russian and Ukrainian power machinery builders.
Taking into consideration the expertise accumulated and the solid ties with both the consumers and suppliers of power equipment, the company YAROVIT Energo is concentrating its efforts on:

  • Upgrading the existent energy facilities and erecting new ones, using modern energy-saving technologies;
  • Participating in the development and submission for approval of the projects of construction, reconstruction and upgrading of energy-generating facilities;
  • Developing investment proposals, seeking the sources and attracting financing of promising energy projects;
  • Organizing deliveries of main and auxiliary equipment for energy systems;
  • Setting up consortiums delivering power equipment on the joint-venture basis.

In developing its business, the CJSC YAROVIT Energo strives for international cooperation and establishes stable and long-term contacts with a number of leading foreign companies. YAROVIT Energo possesses experience in setting up the company foreign offices, such as in Russia and elsewhere.

Being licensed to design, erect, assemble and set up power equipment and facilities, the CJSC YAROVIT Energo is in a position to offer turnkey construction of power generating facilities, starting from the design stage and through the commissioning and training of the customers operator personnel.

The CJSC YAROVIT Energo has exclusive agency rights for the marketing and sales of products and services of a number of leading Russias power machinery builders making up the Russian Silovye Machiny (Power Machinery) Holding company (Moscow, Saint Petersburg):

  • The affiliated company Leningrad Metal Works (Saint Petersburg);
  • The affiliated company "Elektrosila" (Saint Petersburg);
  • The affiliated company "Turbine Blades Works" (Saint Petersburg);
  • The OJSC "Kaluga Turbine Works" (Kaluga);
  • I.I.Polzunov Research and Production Amalgamation NPO CKTI (Saint Petersburg).

The company YAROVIT Energo is an official representative of the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise Gas Turbine Research and Production Complex Zoria MashProekt (city of Nikolayev).

The CJSC YAROVIT Energo acts as exclusive marketing and sales agent for the transformer and reactor equipment and services of the OJSC UralElektroTiazhMash.

The company YAROVIT Energo also serves as exclusive official dealer of the biggest boiler-building enterprises of Russia:

  • OJSC ZiO-Podolsk Machine Works (town of Podolsk);
  • OJSC "Krasny Kotelshchik" (city of Taganrog);
  • OJSC "Biysk Boiler Works" (town of Biysk).

The company YAROVIT Energo is an official representative of the Closed Joint-Stock Company AtomTruboprovodMontazh empowered with exclusive agency rights.

There is a consortium agreement between the company YAROVIT Energo, the leader in the consortium, and its long-time partners the leading organizations and firms in the power-generation complex of the Republic of Belarus:

OJSC BelEnergoStroy (city of Minsk)

OJSC CentreEnergoMontazh (Minsk)

OJSC BelEnergoRemNaladka (Minsk)

the National Unitary Enterprise BELNIPIENERGOPROM (Minsk)

the National Unitary Enterprise BelElektroMontazhNaladka (Minsk)

The consortium members YAROVIT Energo, BelEnergoStroy, CentreEnergoMontazh, BelEnergoRemNaladka and BELNIPIENERGOPROM provide the entire complex of works on the turnkey basis: the design, construction, assembling, setup required to build new, reconstruct and upgrade the existent thermal electric stations and boiler plants, deliveries of equipment.

For questions, address: energo@yarovit.com
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